Friday, November 16, 2007

Maldini's Milan wake-up call

Milan veteran Paolo Maldini calls for the Rossoneri to spark a revival against Cagliari and relives events in Bergamo last weekend.

The European champions have endured a nightmare start to the campaign and are languishing in mid-table, rendering the trip to Cagliari a must-win.

“We want to prove ourselves so badly and we are going there desperate to win as these matches are crucial,” Maldini told the Milan Channel.

“I think results will depend a lot on the start of the game as has happened for us a lot this season.”

After the Stadio Sant’Elia encounter, Milan have the daunting prospect of hosting Juventus.

“It’s great because there’s such a great rivalry between the two clubs and Serie A isn’t the same without Juve,” the famous stopper declared. “I think it’ll be a great spectacle.”
Milan will try and put the shocking scenes during their abandoned game with Atalanta to the back of their minds, but Maldini won’t forget the day in a hurry.

“I think one of the most striking images was the sight of children in the stadium who could understand what was going on,” he recalled.

“The fans called out to me and told me that they didn’t want us to play. I told them that it wasn’t up to us players, but I told the referee that the situation was very delicate.”

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