Monday, February 4, 2008


"I have to give my compliments to the whole team. It was a very intense, balanced match. We are happy about the result and especially about having won the three points." - THE WORDS OF THE ROSSONERI -

FLORENCE - Here are the declarations made by the rossoneri after Fiorentina-Milan 0-1:
"I have to give my compliments to the whole team. It was a very intense, balanced match. Perhaps we could have scored before, but we are still happy with the result and about getting another three points. Both teams played a good match, we played the ball and the fact that Fiorentina played very far up the pitch allowed us to have a few chances up front. With Siena it won't be easy, especially after Pato's injury, and I'm disappointed about my booking because I wasn't expecting it, now I'll prepare well for the game with Livorno.Tonight Milan showed what they can do, but we can do even better."
"Finally we managed to do what we always need to do. Unfortunately in the standings we are penalised by the fact we haven't won much at home in the first round of matches, that is absolutely unlike Milan. Now we have to keep on going, although we are still disappointed with the three points lost against Atalanta.Concerning Pato, I became worried about his condition, he suffered a painful knock, perhaps a new feeling for him, but I don't think it's too serious because he hurt his ankle, not his knee. It's not as bad as what it seemed like on the pitch.Now we must continue doing well, our objectives must be large. Until twenty days ago the fourth place seemed like a utopia. Soon the Champions League will return, which will strain us both physically and mentally. Our intention is to be more consistent compared to the first part of the season."
"I managed to save the result on Fiorentina's last shot of the game, but we shouldn't forget that the team offered a great performance. We believed until the end and then we won. Of the whole match, the most difficult save was certainly the last one, because if it had gone Fiorentina would have gotten a draw and we wouldn't have had the time to recover. The fact I've been able to play more frequently has certainly helped achieve a better balance."