Sunday, February 17, 2008


"Having many games close together makes a difference, but a team like Milan always has the responsibility to win. When we go on the pitch we try to give our all and give everything."


"In the second half we played a great match, especially compared to the first half when we played poorly, the only thing we lacked was a goal. We know that having so many games close together takes its toll, but a team like Milan always has the responsibility to win, when we go on the pitch we try to give our all and give everything. Personally I'm doing well, it's my second game from the beginning, I only have to try and get back the match rhythm, that's what I'm missing right now even though it's difficult if you don't play regularly. I always try to give my best when I come on the pitch and also tonight I tried to give my best, but the most important thing is to win."


"It was an important match, unfortunately it went like this, we wasted another chance to go past Fiorentina, especially because in the second half we played much better, but the road is long and there is still a long time to reach fourth place.
Tonight I was calm because I had rested and when you have the chance to skip a match you are certainly more in form the next game.
Now we have Arsenal, a very tough match, but we are ready."


"Tonight I played my one thousandth match from the first minute, these are numbers which will remain in history, too bad we did not get the three points, but it's OK to have highs and lows. We have reached the fourth place, even though we have played a game more than the rest, but we are certainly in a better situation than a month and a half ago. We are definitely going for that fourth place.
Now we have Arsenal, but we are the defending champions, we might get back some players and the environment in the stadium will undoubtedly be fantastic.
I would like to dedicate this target to my family, particularly to my wife who always followed me in these years and always stood by me."