Thursday, February 28, 2008

Player Ratings: Catania 1-1 Milan


Kalac - 6.5: Made some good saves which kept his side in the game.

Cafu - 6.5: A good display by the wing back who never stopped running for his side.

Bonera -5.5: A poor showing by the stopper, did not look comfortable and put his team in danger with sloppiness.

Maldini - 6: Surprisingly under par tonight, gave the ball away several times and nearly paid the price.

Favalli - 5.5: Got himself booked and was perhaps at fault for the equaliser.

Brocchi - 6: Did what he could when he was on the pitch but he failed to stamp his authority on the midfield.

Emerson - 7.5: Arguably Milan’s best player on the night. Spurred his side forwards and was everywhere, tackling, tracking back and breaking up play.

Ambrosini - 6.5: Was always involved in the midfield battles and helped his strikers with some nice passing to feet.

Seedorf -6: Was average tonight, did not do anything special but he put in the work rate.

Pato - 7: An excellent showing by Pato, always dangerous and ready to pounce, his goal was a touch of genius.

Inzaghi - 4.5: Another woeful game for Inzaghi, why he played only his coach knows.

Subs: Gilardino 5.5, Gattuso 6, Oddo 5

Kalac Z. 6
Cafu 5.5
Bonera D.-6.5
Maldini P.-6
Favalli G.-6
Emerson C-6.5
Brocchi C.-6
Ambrosini M.-6
Seedorf C.-5.5
Alexandre Pato-6.5
Inzaghi F.-5.5
Oddo M.-5.5
Gattuso G.-6
Gilardino A.-6
Ancelotti C.-6