Thursday, February 21, 2008


"The second leg I already imagine it with eighty thousand people at San Siro, with our fans, with Milan that will be able to be surely aggressive.” - THE DECLARATIONS OF THE ROSSONERI –

LONDON – These are the declarations of the Rossoneri players at the end of Arsenal-Milan 0-0:


"Personally I believe that I played a good game, but I also believe that I played other positive and negative games. Each one of us tries to do his best. When Oddo plays well it means that he is helped by his team-mates. I’m a defender and mainly I try to do my job, then if I manage, I try to serve an important assist for my team-mates. With regards to the goal scoring opportunity, I didn’t think enough. Tonight we played a very substantial game, of great fighting spirit and I must say that this is a positive note. Arsenal pushes a lot with their full-backs, trying to create spaces where the strikers and the same full-backs try to move forward, but we still played a great game from the defensive level.
“In the second leg, we shall have to try to play a game like Milan, like the one of Manchester, knowing that we have our qualities, we are more incisive because if we play like Milan we have great possibilities.”


"With Pato we are in a situation where we must improve our understanding, but already many things are coming well. There's still time because we have many games available. We shall play many times more together.
"I already imagine the second leg game with eighty thousand people at San Siro, with our fans, with Milan who will surely be more aggressive. Personally I must take advantage of these days to train, because the knee is fine, but I must find the game rhythm. Arsenal were good, they are a very technical team, well organizes and able to change positions all the time."


"Even though I followed the game from the bench, it was nice and exciting, pity it was a missed opportunity, but I was pleased yesterday with the affection and trust of my team-mates who were serene about the idea that I could play.
“Kalac played well, especially because the ball was quick and the pitch was difficult because it was wet, therefore he deserves all the compliments.
“The game went well, it’s normal that at home they create more chances to score, but even we, with Maldini’s header, very strong and very quick, were dangerous. Now it’s them who must be worried of having to come to play at San Siro.”


"Personally I have the luck of being able to play in two roles. I did not suffer much and I feel physically well. The important thing was to have obtained a positive result. Arsenal is a very young team, with well mannered lads and for me it’s nice to come to play here in England where there’s a lot of sports culture and a lot of respect for us opponents as European and World Champions. In the second leg I imagine a game like the one against Manchester because Milan has the possibility of being offensive when we want.”


"My finger doesn’t hurt me much. I'm happy because I worked with the physiotherapist and Doctor Sala for twenty four hours and I must thank them if I had the possibility to play. The decision to go on the pitch was taken during the warming up when I understood that I could make it.”