Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Player Ratings: AC Milan 0-2 Arsenal


Kalac - 5.0: Bring back Nelson Dida! Yes seriously - an absolute shocking error on Fabregas’ goal. It was only a matter of time until the giant Aussie went back to his disaster-ridden ways, and it proved costly tonight.

Oddo - 6.0: Relatively sound display from Oddo defensively, although his crossing was very poor.

Nesta - 7.0: . Good show. Got Kaladze out of jail on numerous occasions. If Nesta wasn’t playing tonight Arsenal would have won by four or five.

Kaladze – 4.5: Very poor, caught out of position repeatedly, Nesta did all his defending for him. Was skinned by Walcott for Adebayor’s goal.

Maldini - 7.0: Along with Nesta, the only Milan player to come out of this game with any credit. At the age of nearly 40 he put the rest of his team-mates to shame. Not the ending to his European career he was hoping for. A true legend.

Gattuso – 5.5: Gattuso does not seem to have the energy to make those biting tackles he has become famous for over the years. Age is catching up with him, although he battled hard.

Pirlo - 3.0: The worst I have ever seen Pirlo play in my life. Gave the ball away every time he touched it. He may as well have not been on the pitch.

Ambrosini – 5.0: Very poor along with Pirlo and Gattuso. Ambrosini was completely outclassed by Fabregas and Flamini.

Kaka – 5.0: Clearly struggling with injury. Was anonymous for most of the game, but did go on two brilliant solo runs, once in the first half and once in the second.

Pato – 5.5: His potential is without question, but he still needs to grow. Tactically did not know what positions to take up on the pitch and this damaged Milan’s shape.

Inzaghi - 5.0: His movement caused Arsenal problems in the first 20 minutes but he was starved of any service thereafter. When Seedorf doesn’t play, Inzaghi doesn’t score.

Subs: Gilardino 5.0