Monday, March 10, 2008


The Rossoneri were enthusiastic after the victory at the Castellani stadium: "The run-up has started, we had twelve finals ahead, now we only have eleven." - THE DECLARATIONS OF THE ROSSONERI -

EMPOLI - Here are the declarations of the rossoneri after Empoli-Milan 1-3:


"Today the important thing was to win and and fortunately we obtained three very important points to reach the fourth place. Also when we left the pitch we were told that Fiorentina had lost at Siena and we celebrated because now we are just one point below them. We have to keep our objective in sight and go and get it. Before coming on the pitch the coach told me to put pressure on the central defenders, which is what I did."


"We are happy with the result, because it was crucial to win after the match against Arsenal. We didn't play very well, they were in better shape physically, then they decreased a little in the second half. In matches like this one we have to stay calm and try to attack more. From now on every game is like a Champions League game for us in order to reach the fourth place in the league. Fiorentina lost today, certainly it's a result that pleases us, they're a good team, and now it's up to Milan to go on like this the next eleven games."


"Personally I feel good. The important thing was to come to Empoli and leave the Castellani stadium with three important points. It was difficult for us both physically and mentally to get back into the league again after Tuesday's match with Arsenal. When we came on the pitch for the pre-match warm up session we realised that the biggest challenge would be to regain confidence in ourselves. I'm also happy because in this last part of my career I am receiving many compliments also from my opponents."


"The goal I scored was important both for the team and for me personally because it had been a while since I had scored. Being decisive, whether with a goal or an assist as I was for the second goal, is very important to me. We conceded a goal at the end of the first half, but the strength of this team is the ability to rise up again on every occasion and today we managed to win and get three very important points for our position in the league. The run-up has started, we had twelve finals to play, now we have only eleven because one has already been won."