Monday, April 7, 2008

I Think Paolo Won't Quit Yet - Cesare Maldini

Paolo Maldini's father Cesare thinks his legendary son will keep on playing for one more season.

It seems probable that Milan legend Paolo Maldini, who turns 40 this year, will keep playing for one more season. Confirming this rumour is his almost-as-legendary father Cesare, who also lifted the European Cup once as Milan captain in 1963 and also briefly coached the Italian national team.

"Milan are reinforcing themselves for the future, but I don't know if they're already thinking of replacing Maldini," he said. "Paolo's condition has definitely improved, after getting operated in Belgium, the doctors have seen he has improved a lot.
"The forecasts are good, my son also tells me that both during training and during the games he doesn't feel pain like he used to, and this might make him change his mind about an eventual retirement."

According to Maldini senior, Milan are also very reluctant to let go of their iconic captain: "[Adriano] Galliani always calls him into his offices to talk about the contract extension. In twenty days, after a new medical evaluation he will make his decision."