Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Paolo Maldini was awarded last night during the XIII edition of the San Siro Gentleman Award as A.C.Milan Gentlman. During the award ceremony, the captain spoke about some important topics.

MILAN – The XIII edition of the San Siro Gentleman award took place last night at the Alcatraz of Milan. Captain Paolo Maldini, was awarded as Gentleman A.C.Milan, these are his declarations:

“I want to talk all those who gave me the possibility to play for so long. It pleases me to receive this award, it’s a recognition which saw me present from the very first edition and I believe that if today I’m still here, it means something. It’s a significant award as it witnesses that I did not only do something good on the pitch, and the proof that football is the synonymous of respect and fair play.”

Paolo, the game against Napoli allowed Fiorentina to overtake you…
“Napoli deserved to win, they played better than us. Surely it’s a situation which annoys us, but we must accept the reality, they have done better and it’s fair that they won.

“Now we must hold on to the fact that some teams have little to play for, like Siena and Napoli last Sunday, have proved to go on the pitch with pride. If the spirit remains until the end, we hope that Torino plays its game and offers us the possibility of reaching the fourth place. Unfortunately the situation is not in our hands anymore. Surely until today, the mood is not the best, but tomorrow it will be another day and the only way to face a team as strong as Udinese is that of working well during the week and win.

“We believe we must absolutely try to win on Sunday against Udinese and then not have any regrets. We’re an experienced team, we know what we are playing for. It was like that even at Napoli, but the pitch gave another result and we had to accept it because when a team deserves to win, it’s fair that it’s like this.”

Did you decide what to do next year?
“Depends first of all from my physical conditions, which are better than at the start of this season. The environment, that is the team-mates, club and coaches have explicitly asked me if we go on together for another year, but especially the decision depends from my desire to continue playing football.”