Friday, June 6, 2008


Paolo Maldini renews his contract with Milan until 30 June 2009. At the end of his career they will be 41 unique and incredible years painted in black and red and a unique passion.

MILAN - Via Turati, Milan, its atmosphere, its trophies. Paolo Maldini, a smile, a joke, a handshake and then off, to the other side of the world with the certainty that in a few days, when he will turn 40, everything will still be there, in the same place as always.

It was enough to look each other in the eye for a few minutes to understand that everything is still as it always was. Paolo Maldini has won a lot and he still wants to win, he's run a lot and still wants to keep running. On their part Milan never even thought for a second they would have to do without a man whose attitude, class, and respect were the image of a winning idea of football like no other.

Maldini is Milan's and Milan is Maldini's, a symbiosis forged by total reciprocal respect and admiration.

Another year together then, Captain! To pedal towards new targets and possibly win everything there is to win.