Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fact about Paolo Maldini

was a juventus fan (??) when young
was Dj for some time in 105 radio network . Although a little criticized, he amused himself with the experience, but leaves the post when his wife Adriana, charged him more attention and moments in family.
likes rap music, Will Smith, Articolo 31, 2 pac...
in pastime, likes to go in a good restaurant with family or friends, and then an early bed.
would like to have lived the generation of 60's, just to be able to see and to hear to " The Beatles " living
believes that his behavior in the Milan's concentration and also of his team mates changed to the measure where the world changed. In the beginning, they talked more, they played cards, billiard and they watching films, but today...,with the advent of computer science, everything is different: is each one in yours, with the telephone and the computer
would be happy if his son, Christian ahead took the Maldini's dynasty, after all, the boy was born in the day where he was disputed a match for the European Championship. " Who knows it isn't a sign of the destination... " _ he thinks...
advertises especially for Opel and Adidas, one of the main sponsors of AC Milan.
After Paolo Maldini’s friend and team-mate George Weah left Milan AC to go on loan to Chelsea he baked and sent Paolo a cake with the words “I love Milan” written on it.
makes the possible for pass all free time with his wife and his son. Maldini loves his family and uses divide his life in 2 parts: before and after his son. He thinks that being father is very amusing.
guarantees that never will become a soccer coach. He wants to be remembered as an honest and successful player.
doesn't speak about soccer in the meal's Time, specially in family.
prefers eat pizza or any dish made by his mom, when subject is Food. He confess that his wife, Adriana, doesn't have familiarity with the kitchen...
some years ago, he lived with his wife, his sister and her boyfriend... all together in a small house. Paolo admits that a house only for him and Adriana was the best gift that he gave for himself; together with his first car, a golf, when he was 18 years.
Ac Milan is the only club maldini has played.
has the most caped player in the italy international.[126 caps]
Only two survivors of Italy's starting XI against Brazil in the 1994 World Cup final remain in Dino Zoff's EURO 2000 squad -- Paolo Maldini and Demetrio Albertini.