Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There are some who continue 'for love of the sport', like Maldini, others who return because they consider Milan a 'second home', like Abbiati, some who 'realise a dream' like Antonini and some who are here for the first time like Flamini.

MILANELLO - Other than Adriano Galliani and Carlo Ancelotti, present at the press conference of presentation of the new season were also captain Paolo Maldini, Christian Abbiati, Mathieu Flamini and Luca Antonini. Here are their principal declarations:


'What makes me want to continue is my great love for this sport and which I have always felt for football in all these years. I continue for another season because I still have strong motivations, of course in agreement with everyone, the club, the coach, and with my team mates who have asked me more than once to continue last season. I decided to do the most natural thing, to continue and add another year to still feel these feelings because I have the conviction I can still do well, to be important for this group.'

'Milan must be competitive and they certainly will be. The objectives are clear. The club has well defined guidelines since 23 years, Milan are born to win or at least to fight. This team has already won a lot and with these reinforcements they can keep on winning for years.'

'Concerning Ronaldinho, I know him as an opponent. I think he's one of the greatest players ever. Here he will also find the right environment to return at high levels. Milan have great feeling with champions, many times we have bought them when they were already great, and many times they have created champions.'


'I always told Galliani about my desire to return to Milan. I consider this club like my second home, I feel they are like my family and as soon as the opportunity came I had no doubts.
In this period away from Milan I remained close to my team mates and the words of praise I have received on my return have flattered me. When I came back to play at San Siro for the first time with Torino I tried to give my best to show my value, but at the end I was unhappy.'


'I have always been a big fan of Milan and when I got this opportunity I could not refuse this kind of offer. At a personal level I would like to win some titles. Like dr. Galliani said, a great team is always full of great champions. Being at their side and having to fight with the competition only stimulates me to do well.
I have been asked if I felt like Marcel Desailly. I consider him a great champion and it would be nice for me to be able to replicate his career, perhaps also scoring a goal in a Cup final.
My objective is to do well with the Milan shirt and perhaps become part of the French national team one day, but that's only up to coach Domenech.'


'I'm very happy to be a part of this club. It's always been a dream as a fan especially when I started to play in the Milan youth sector.
My objective is to show I am worthy of this club and to reach some satisfactions by learning a lot from the champions I will play with.
My role is that of a left back, at Empoli I've also played further up the pitch. Here at Milan there is Paolo Maldini who has made history with this club, to replicate his career is practically impossible, but I'm a very ambitious lad and I want to do well and maybe have the opportunity to play with the national team one day.'