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Paolo Maldini Profile

Name: Paolo Maldini
Date of Birth: 26-6-68
Palce of Birth : Milan
Height: 1.87 m.
Weight : 85kg
Position : Defender/Leftback
Number : 3
Zodiac: Cancer
Marital Status : Married with 2 children
Club : Ac Milan
Official site :
Previous club : None [never moved from milan]
Club debut : January 20, 1985 versus Udinese (drew 1-1)
International debut : March 31, 1988 versus Yugoslavia (drew 1-1).
Caps [Italy] : 126

Personal Information

Actor : Bruce Wills
Actress : Jodie Foster
Movie : "Silence of the Lambs"
Singer : Eros Ramazzotti and Will Smith
Soccer Idol : Roberto Bettega
Car : OPEL
Vacation Spot : New York
Sports Besides Soccer: Tennis


4 Italian Champion, 1988, 1992, 1993, 1994
3 Uefa Cup, 1989, 1990, 1994.
3 UEFA Supercup, 1989, 1990, 1995.
2 World Club Cup: 1989, 1990.
World Soccer's World Player of the Year: 1994.
World Cup [2nd place and 3rd place]
European Cup [2nd place]


Strictly chronologically speaking Paolo Maldini is in every respect the worthy follower of Franco Baresi: he has ever since played in A.C. Milan, just like his captain, both players are natural talents and endowed with excellent technical and physical qualities, both are defenders, share the same victories and both were even launched into the first division, though at different times, by the same trainer: Nils Liedholm. Maldini is the true prototype of Art's Son, being his father Cesare the trainer of the Italian National Team and very successful A.C. Milan captain in the sixties as well. The debut of "Junior", this is how he is called at Milanello sports centre, dates back to 1995, when, as he was only 16 years old, he was sent onto the field by Liedholm in Udine and, since then, he became an indispensable element of the red-and-black line-up. A left side defender, as well as a strong and skilful central defender, Paolo granted new dimension to his role thanks to his great ability to freely move and play all over the field: impassable bulwark as a defender, Maldini is extremely effective also as a forward and inexorable as he sneaks on the left side. Thanks to his purest class, Maldini soon debuts also in the National Team. Hardly 19 years old and he is called onto the field for his first match: 31th March 1988, Yugoslavia - Italy 1-1. As a player of the National Team, he ranks among the first in Italy '90 and ranks second at USA '94. Maldini, now the captain of the National Team, with his 81 caps ranks third in the special list of the best National Team players.


三藏 said...

a little mistake--
『The debut of "Junior", this is how he is called at Milanello sports centre, dates back to 1995, when, as he was only 16 years old』
it`s 1985,isn`t it?