Sunday, August 24, 2008


Paolo Maldini calmly analyzed the Rossoneri's summer. The English teams are more in shape, but with the Italian teams there was no difference. Without strikers, also, the team is always under pressure and tends to spread out too much.

MILANELLO - Here are the declarations made by Paolo Maldini to Milan Channel's microphones after the morning training session at the Milanello sporting center:

Paolo, how are you?"I'm alright, during training there can be some pains, but everything gets resolved quickly."

You are doing a different preparation compared to last season...
"We are working to improve our technique and agility. During the preparations you have to try and recuperate all the things you lose during the summer period. Also, this year we are trying new exercises, some alternatives to avoid it becoming boring. The preparation is an important period, useful also to increase our attention which is never at the maximum at the start, that's the biggest difficulty. Concerning the results of the friendlies we've played, we could have done better, but we also have to consider the team we've played against and the level of preparation.
Against Inter and Juventus the difference wasn't evident, in fact we did better. Certainly we can improve our mental approach to the games. Also we don't have our strikers available, which makes it difficult to score against teams like Chelsea and Manchester City. Without strikers the play changes completely and you are always under pressure. With just Paloschi available it's not easy. Alberto is doing his job well, he didn't go on vacation and he also has a thousand justifications even though he played two good matches. The play is penalised because the midfielders push forward and move away from their positions, everything becomes more difficult."

Paolo, tonight the Champions League preliminary matches... did you think about that?
"Yes, I've thought about it, and I'm sorry, but now it's over, it's an old story."

Yesterday Dario Simic moved to Monaco.
"Dario is a very nice lad, we have won a lot and celebrated together, but it's normal that at his age, with less playing time, he wants to play. Our profession is nice, but if you don't have the satisfaction of playing matches, the trainings and the work don't give you enough satisfaction."