Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maldini: We Must Play Well To Win

Milan defender Paolo Maldini believes that his side need to play at their best in order to win games, even though at times luck might not be on their side as was the case against Bologna.

Maldini is certain that all the Rossoneri need to do is play well and the results will positive arrive automatically.

"I say that a team like Milan must always aim to play well and usually if you play well, 90% of the time you win," declared the Milan legend.

"Then there are time in which you must obtain the result and you can do so in other ways."

Maldini does not see it as a problem the fact that there is an abundance of attackers at Milan.

"Yes, the attackers are many, but these are the coach's 'problems'," he explained. "However, it's better than last year, when we only had the poor Paoloschi."

Then the captain spoke about Senderos' probable debut on Sunday.

"He should be available as he is training, but then we must see who and how they return from the national team," concluded Maldini.