Monday, September 29, 2008


Dinho is thrilled: 'Scoring in the derby is a great emotion. This victory gives us confidence.' His team mates Maldini, Seedorf, and Kaká are happy for him: 'He needed a moment like this.'

MILAN - Here are the words of the protagonists after the Milan-Inter match.


'Scoring in the derby is a great emotion. The celebration? It was spontaneous and instinctive considering the joy I felt. I hoped to score, I missed the goal. I scored my first goal in a derby and the first with the Milan shirt. I am happy also because we all wanted to give president Berlusconi a birthday present.
I think the team played a great match today, against a strong team like Inter. This victory gives us confidence.'


'Kaká and I have gotten closer in the last few years also in spirit and also in this last difficult period. We tried to look forward together and think about positive things. He also made some sacrifices to make himself available after the injury. I think this is an excellent example for everyone. Thanks to these signals, which came from him, from myself, and all the other players, like Ronaldinho when he was on the bench, or also Emerson... We are all involved, everyone participates to the project. That's how we got out of a difficult situation.'

'I am very happy for Dinho, we love him, he needed a moment like this in a match like this. From this moment on for him everything will be easier. Goals like that unblock you from every point of view.'

'We played an intelligent match, with this spirit we will go far.'


'Seedorf was great today, he made the sacrifice of playing in midfield, to play further backwards for the team. I gave him my compliments, this is the right spirit.
I think Dinho's goal today was important for him, we are all happy for him. Everyone expects from him what he showed tonight, you can see he wants to do well.'


'We played very well also against Lazio. We didn't do very well in Genoa, but we always get past difficult moments. Now we are also in a good position in the standings. For us winning the derby was important, I think we looked for the victory more than them and we got it. We deserved the victory. Ronaldinho? I'm happy for him. He's a lad who works hard, he has quality and he showed it.'