Saturday, October 4, 2008

Player Ratings: Zurich 0-1 Milan


Dida -6.0: The Brazilian didn't have much to do in either half but he looked ready and comfortable when he was called upon. He made the odd couple of saves and he looked confident when catching corners. A decent showing overall by the big man.

Zambrotta -7.0: The Italian international was outstanding all night but he did make some risky gambles with some rash tackling which could have cost his side the game. However, he made up for that with a positive performance. His work rate was magnificent.

Bonera -6.0: Coped well in defence but he could have offered a little more when his side needed it. Always looked comfortable on the ball and his link up play was good.

Kaladze -5.5: The Georgian international went in for an early bath and he probably went to visit the treatment afterwards. He was good up until that point.

Antonini -6.5: This youngster is definitely one for the future and you can tell he has been taking lessons from the Maldini school of defending. A great performance with timely challenges and elegance to match.

Flamini -6.0: Flamini did what he does best. Got his head down and worked his socks off all game. A valuable contribution but his shooting definitely needs some work as he wasted a few chances with his banana foot.

Emerson -6.0: Effective, focussed and always ready to step in and make the tackle. However his attacking play was slightly under par. Yes, he is not an attacking player, but then why gallop towards to box to shoot and make a hash of it? Don't change your day job son, Geddit?

Ambrosini -5.5: He played the captain's role well but at times he looked a little rusty and his challenges were not clean. He always risked getting into the book and he disrupted his side's flow. Replaced by Kaka.

Seedorf -6.5: The Dutch midfielder was pulling all the right strings but he was failing to hit the correct notes as he blew his chances which resulted in him facing Ancelotti's music as the coach swapped him for Gattuso. However, overall he was his usual best.

Ronaldinho -7.5: Dazzled the crowd by waving his magic wand and had the opposition begging for mercy as they just couldn't get near him at all. His pass to set-up Shevchenko had his name all over it. A great showing by the goofy man.

Shevchenko -7.5: Scored his first goal since his return from Chelsea and what a goal it was too as he timed his run to perfection to slide Dinho's pass under the 'Keeper. He rolled back the years tonight as he played more like the pre-Blues Sheva.

Subs: Maldini 6.0, Gattuso 6.0, Kaka 6.5