Monday, November 3, 2008

Maldini: We Can Be The Anti-Inter

Milan defender Paolo Maldini believes that this could be his team’s year with regards to the Scudetto as they currently stand just one point behind the top position after nine matchdays.

Following a poor start to the season, the Rossoneri have managed to crawl back in the top positions of the Italian top flight as they are currently one point behind Inter, Udinese and Napoli in the race for the Scudetto.

This has reinforced Maldini’s conviction that Milan can win the league title in his official last year as a player.

“With regards to Milan, the sensation to be up there, in the top positions of the standings, even though behind Inter or any other team, is surely nice, because the league has always been our objective and in the past years we had given up quite early,” commented the Milan captain.

“I don’t know how many teams will manage to remain at the top, but I think that Milan must candidate itself for this role of anti-Inter.

“Even the fact that Milan is in this league position, I think that it’s very important. Breathing the air of the high standings is beautiful after two years of abyssal distances.

“Therefore we are already happy about this. We know very well that the league will not be decided on November 2nd, neither Wednesday and probably not even in December, therefore we shall have to wait until the end.

“Each team has its own characteristics. This team is rich of talented champions, maybe we're not physical like we were in the recent past, but we have other characteristics."