Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Player Ratings: Torino 2-2 Milan (Goal.com/en)


Abbiati: 6.0- Made a good double save on Bianchi and Stellone in the 54th minute and did all that was asked of him tonight.

Jankulovski 6.0-A subdued effort from the Czech defender who did not muster up one of his best performances tonight.

Maldini: 6.0- The old Italian warhorse was caught out of position on more than one occasion and had trouble containing Rosina and Stellone.

Kaladze: 4.0- The defender who looks like a character straight out of a Doestoevsky novel was the goat of the evening as he was beaten to the ball by Stellone who opened the scoring and then handled the ball inside of his own penalty area which set up Rosina’s equaliser.

Bonera: 6.0- Was embarrassed by Rosina on a number of occasions and is the weak link in the Milan defence.

Gattuso: 7.5- The Calabrese pitbull showed off his offensive attributes with a great through ball that led to Pato’s goal in the 29th minute.

Pirlo: 6.0- Looked a bit rusty after a long injury layoff but by no means looked out of place tonight.

Seedorf: 7.0- The smooth passing Dutchman directed traffic for the first 60 minutes but lost effectiveness as the match wore on.

Kaka: 6.0- Gave the Toro defence some fits in the first half but faded away and had an extremely quiet second half. Should be ashamed of himself for his swan dive in the penalty area that earned him a yellow card in extra time.

Ronaldinho: 7.5- The signing of the summer so far gave the Rossoneri the lead in the 34th minute with a world class free kick.

Pato: 8.0- Blasted a wicked shot past Sereni in the 29th minute just four minutes after Stellone had opened the scoring and was a nuisance all evening long.

SUBS: Emerson (73”) 6.0, Shevchenko (79”) 6.0