Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maldini Still Harbours Title Hopes

Milan captain Paolo Maldini thinks his team can still fight for the Scudetto despite the fact that they are nine points behind leaders Inter.

Today Milan legend Paolo Maldini gave an interview to Sky Sport, during which he talked primarily about the Rossoneri's poor recent from, which has seen them drop nine points below Serie A leaders Inter.

He first talked about the team's injury problems.

"There is an emergency situation in midfield right now, while earlier we missed a lot of players in other areas," he said. "Let's say that there is a lack of balance, in the sense that sometimes we have a lot of defenders available, while we lack strikers, or vice-versa. I think we can get some of the injured players back and have a decent team for Sunday's match."

The former Italian international insists he has gone through worse times at Milan.

"The team is not going through a good moment, but it's certainly not one of the worst times I've ever had at Milan," he continued. "There is still a difference between our situation in the league now and at this time last year and two years ago. Some improvements have been made and we could have done better. But we are still competing to win a title which, at this point in the previous seasons, we had practically already lost."

Asked if nine points are too much to recover, Maldini said: "It's a lot. But we have beaten them [Inter] in the direct encounter. We have the feeling we will fight for something important until the end. This has to be our spirit, this will be our spirit, aside from what people say.
"I remain optimistic, our situation is not that bad. There are teams who can be an example, like Roma [who almost recovered from an 11-point deficit]. It's important to believe in your capabilities and have a strong team. Milan have both of those things."

On David Beckham, who will be presented tomorrow as a new Milan player, Maldini commented: "We know him as a player, he could give something to this team. He could become an important element. There's a lot of curiosity surrounding his private life, but that I don't care much about."