Sunday, March 15, 2009


At the end of the clash against Siena, the Rossoneri players are satisfied with the performance of the team and dedicated the nice win to their team-mate Christian Abbiati: “We all care about him.”

"We knew that today’s game would have been tough because Siena have a very solid defence and so far in the league they suffered very few goals. We managed to score five and we are satisfied. Now we must continue like this. Already following the win against Atalanta, we had said that we wanted to go on the pitch with the same determination, we’re in a good moment and now we manage to be more concrete in more often.

“Pity about the injuries that Christian and Ricky suffered. For Abbiati we must wait for the results of the medical staff tomorrow, let’s hope it’s nothing serious. With regards to Kaka, it should be just a bruise.”

“The series of injuries that we have suffered this season is crazy. We're also sorry for a player like Christian who has proven his worth and this injury arrived in a normal clash during the game. At first we just thought that it was a knock to his tibia, but then he felt pain to his knee. It’s a pity because Abbiati was having a great season. All of the team-mates care about him because he is a great champion.

“In the league we have consolidated the third place, we must only count on our strengths for the qualifications to the Champions League of next year, without speaking about other teams. Let’s just think only about ourselves.”

“I’m happy for the team’s win today and for my goals, but I know that I must always do better and help Milan to reach the Champions League for next season. I compliment Inzaghi, who is an example for me, I must learn to stay a bit behind. Pippo is very good inside the penalty box, and I’m happy that today he reached the target of the three hundred goals as he really wanted it.

“After my goals, I embraced Ronaldinho and Emerson because they have always been close to me, they help me during training and my way of thanking them was to score and allow them to participate in my joy.”

“I’m happy that I reached the 300th goal as a professional. I received the applause of the coach and my team-mates, it was the cherry on the cake, but in reality it's me who must thank them. It's a nice target, but the cups won by Milan have another value.

“Against Siena I had scored my first goal 16 years ago and destiny wanted that today I score against Siena my 300th goal. I will make the entire squad sign my shirt and ball from today. I had prepared the shirt yesterday and I’m happy that I could use it today. I really want to dedicate this day to Abbiati for the injury that he suffered, but I think that he will return back on the pitch stronger than before.

“I also compliment Pato because he is an extraordinary player and give my good luck to Kaka because the entire team needs him.”