Monday, March 16, 2009

Paolo Maldini Laments Milan’s Injury Woes

The latest player to end up on the Rossoneri’s long list of injuries is Abbiati, who hurt himself during today’s Serie A clash against Siena.

Milan defender Paolo Maldini cannot believe how many injuries his team has faced this season as goalkeeper Christian Abbiati is the latest casualty.

It is feared that Abbiati will have to miss the rest of the season due to this injury following a clash with a team-mate in the first half of the match against Siena which the Rossoneri won 5-1.

“The series of injuries that we have suffered this season is crazy,” complained the Milan legend, as reported by

“We're also sorry for a player like Christian [Abbiati] who has proven his worth and this injury arrived in a normal clash during the game.

“At first we just thought that it was a knock to his tibia, but then he felt pain to his knee. It’s a pity because Abbiati was having a great season. All of the team-mates care about him because he is a great champion.

“In the league we have consolidated the third place, we must only count on our strengths for the qualifications to the Champions League of next year, without speaking about other teams. Let’s only think about ourselves.”

Milan have reached 54 points in the standings from 28 games as they made another important step forward towards qualifying for the Champions League.