Monday, March 16, 2009

Victoria Beckham Says Goodbye To Music

In today's Corriere Della Sera (Italian) newspaper, Victoria Beckham talks about fashion, Milan and music.

About David staying in Milan: "David, I and the boys have taken this decision together with the family. It is a wonderful opportunity for us all."

On the Kids: "We all love Milan. The people made us feel immediately welcome. Our children are happy. But they are settled in their school in Los Angeles. And as a parent, you always put first their happiness and stability. "

On buying a house in Milan: "No we are not trying to buy house in Milan. We have been to Lake Como, is one of the most spiritual places in which we have never been. "

On negative press reports: "David and I did not pay much attention to what other people say about us. The negativity is not a feeling with which we like to live! The way David silences his critic is on the pitch. That is the best answer."

On why footballers marry celebrities: "Today the players are considered celebrities and allowed to mix in environments where there are women who have the same status. Although in the end no one can choose the person whose love."

On her love for Milan: "I love Milan so do our boys. We have lovely friends and we had to explore the surroundings. Recently, I brought my children to Rome. The Italians are a warm people, they love good food, have a wonderful fashion, their passion for life is intense: how can you not appreciate?"

On who her friends are in Milan: "Paolo Maldini and his wife Adriana. When I was in Milan we have been spoiled by all. I also had the good fortune to spend time with other friends: Giorgio Armani, his niece Roberta and her team. Then Domenico and Stefano (Dolce and Gabbana), Antonio Berardi, and Roberto Cavalli.

On the reviews of her collection: "Outstanding. We had an overwhelming response. This year, I added to the collection sexier clothes and shorter looks. It was a step forward consistently. We are in the best boutiques in the world, in Milan, Corso Como course."

On her campaign for Armani Underwear: "I'm pleased with they way I look, I work hard to keep fit, couldn't miss such an opportunity".

On weather she would sing for the Queen: "No, I'm never gonna sing again, I am a fashion designer now".



Anonymous said...

ohh what a loss for the music industry