Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christian Vieri: Milan Captain Paolo Maldini Is A Legend

‘Bobo’ unveiled his new condom brand yesterday, hailed Maldini and hit out at Italian media.

Christian Vieri and Paolo Maldini’s fashion brand Sweet Years and Akuel launched a new brand of condoms yesterday and the striker, who rescinded his contract with Atalanta in April, was on fire during the press conference.

“I accepted to lend my image for free,” he said. “Our brand appeals particularly to young people who often have risky sexual behaviours.

“Unfortunately the Ministry of Health prevents me from appearing in an official campaign because I am ‘famous’, but I truly believe in this project.”

It has been suggested that Vieri travelled to South America in recent weeks, trying to score a contract with several Brazilian teams, but they all turned him down.

“Am I going to Brazil? Who told you?” he grinned. “Serie A? I don’t care about it. But I do not want to speak with sports journalists, you are only good at creating problems.”

But ‘Bobo’ then melted down when asked about Paolo Maldini’s imminent retirement.

“He is a great,” enthused Vieri. “It’s really a shame he will quit at the end of the season, but his decision must be respected.”

Vince Masiello,