Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Francesco Coco Attacks Milan Ultras For 'Shameful' Act Towards Maldini

Coco was disgusted by the way the Rossoneri Ultras behaved towards Maldini, who is considered a legend by nearly all fans, irrespective of their faith.

Former Milan left-back Francesco Coco was totally surprised and let down by the Milan Ultras who treated Paolo Maldini in a very bad way on his most important day.

Coco was especially taken aback by this behaviour as he had different and more positive memories of the Rossoneri fans during his period at the club.

"From the club level, Milan have always rowed with and in favour of their players," declared the now retired player to ViolaGol. "The fans' environment has always been very close to the team and always very civil, therefore what happened has surprised everyone, including me.

"I think that criticising such a player, on his most beautiful day, is incredible. Paolo is a legend for everyone.

"It was a lack of respect and recognition towards a champion who gave everything and has made Milan win great things in these past twenty years.

"What happened is shameful. There is no player on his level in Italy. For me he's the best of all time."

The 32-year-old started out from Milan's youth team and then moved on to the first team in 1995 where he stayed until 2002, bar two years on loan with Vicenza and Torino.

However, despite the very good quality, his injuries, especially to his back, did not allow him to express himself at his best during his career, despite also playing for other big clubs like Barcelona and Inter.

Glenn Debattista,