Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paolo Maldini: Milan Did Not Protect Me Against Ultras

The Rossoneri icon has hit out at the club directors for not distancing themselves from Sunday’s ugly scenes at the San Siro.

Milan captain Paolo Maldini cannot explain why a section of the Curva Sud staged a protest after his last appearance at the Stadio San Siro on Sunday and admits he was left disappointed by the club’s silence on the incident.

“I don’t know why they ruined my party, I really don’t,” the 40-year-old told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I have always maintained my behaviour and respected everyone. I never attended the fans’ places, but this was not out of snobbism. I only wanted to be judged for what I did on the field of play. Some say this is a form of respect, but others think this attitude is impolite towards them.

“What disappointed me? The club’s silence. I did not like the fact that they didn’t take a stance. There was not even one comment, from the president to the bottom. The directors didn’t say one word.

“I may be an idealist, but I believe a club like Milan should dissociate itself from such episodes.”

Maldini ironically applauded the protesting fans while making a lap of honour and said he was “proud not to be one of them” before leaving the stadium on Sunday.

“It was a knee-jerk reaction and perhaps I was mistaken,” he mused.

“But I was hurt and I didn’t even have time to think it over. It was my answer to something that had been planned for days, months or maybe years.

“I have feelings, I have given my all for the Rossoneri shirt and I am sure proud not to be one of them.”

Vince Masiello,