Monday, November 22, 2010

Milan Cannot Compete With Chelsea Or Barcelona For The Champions League - Paolo Maldini

Paolo Maldini feels Milan are lacking the European spark for Champions League glory compared to Barcelona and Chelsea...

Paolo Maldini believes Milan need long-term progress rather than short and sharp spending to deliver the Champions League.

The Rossoneri are mapping their way to winning in Serie A, but their voyage on the continent could be cut short by a lack of competitiveness with the rest of Europe's elite.

"Milan are competitive for Serie A, but they are missing something in the Champions League where there are stronger teams," Maldini told L'Equipe.

"We saw this against Real Madrid. I think it will be difficult to go further if they met Barcelona or Chelsea for example.

"But then form also counts. Milan have recently shown intensity in their play, thanks to the coach.

"However, to get back to the maximum levels they need a project which doesn't limit them to a quick transfer market fix.

"They got Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho in the summer and so this shows they can still attract the biggest players."