Saturday, May 17, 2008


MILAN - After reiterating he would talk about the transfer season only after the game against Udinese, Galliani still answered some questions about this subject, starting from the coach: 'Voices about Donadoni? There's no doubt, whether he go in the Champions League or in the Uefa Cup, the coach will still be Ancelotti.' Asked if there would be any talks with Maldini, who may still continue for another season, and Gattuso, he said: 'We will talk with Maldini, whose contract is running out, for the rest there's no need to hold any talks unless they express a desire to leave the club.' On new players: 'I don't think Barcelona will lower their offer to 25 million euros, in any case that is not Milan's offer. We are interested in big name players like Amauri, but we've never started any negotiations with Palermo. We are not thinking about other strikers until we resolve the co-ownership with Borriello: if he comes back he will be an alternative for Amauri, otherwise we will get someone else: if Amauri's still available we will get Amauri, if not we'll get someone else. There are a lot of players you wouldn't think about who want to join Milan even if we have to play the Uefa Cup."