Sunday, May 24, 2009

Milan Captain Maldini Is An Example To All - Carlo Ancelotti

The Rossoneri coach heaped praise on Maldini, but was disappointed by the loss to Roma...

Milan legend Paolo Maldini has waved goodbye to the San Siro for the last time in his professional career amid scenes of great emotion on and off the pitch, as Ancelotti explains a topsy-turvy day in the fashion capital.

The Rossoneri lost 3-2 to Roma, but Maldini, as always, was superb.

After the game, he ran a lap of honour to salute the fans at San Siro and then he exchanged hugs with his team-mates and coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Having played his last ever game at the world famous stadium, Ancelotti praised Maldini and shared his emotions after the captain's 901st appearance in a Rossoneri shirt.

"Today was like a drop in the ocean of emotion," said the coach.

"I don't know what happened. There was a great emotion regarding Maldini and he will remember the day for life. Maldini has had a great career and he is an example to everyone."

Ancelotti was rather less pleased, however, with his team's performance, which leaves them with it all to do in Florence. They can, though, lose 1-0 to Fiorentina and still finish third, because they have a better head to head record.

"It was an important day for us but we have to do what didn't want to, by playing for the Champions League in Florence. We were not good today," added the coach.

"Future? There's not need to talk about this today. We will talk about this after the game in Florence."

Club president Silvio Berlusconi also reflected on the Milan number 3's decision to call it a day.

"It's a shame about Maldini," he admitted.

Indeed it is, Silvio. Indeed it is.

Salvatore Landolina,