Sunday, May 24, 2009

Milan Ultras Leave Black Mark On Maldini Celebrations

During his final salute to the Milan faithful, the Rossoneri Ultras revealed an undeserved stain of contempt towards their most loyal servant…

After Roma had refused to follow the script by running out 3-2 winners on Maldini’s final day out at the San Siro, came another twist in the party celebrations, as the Curva Sud displayed a banner that was sure to spark controversy.

As the legendary captain did a final lap of honour after the game, the Milan Ultras displayed a large banner directed towards another legendary captain, Franco Baresi. Under a large number 6, the words “there is only one captain” were there for all to see.

At the same time, there were even some whistles from the same section of the stands in a display of unbelievable disrespect for a captain who has given a life of service to the Rossoneri.

Despite the disrespect of the Curva, the remainder of the stadium gave a prolonged standing ovation to Maldini, who was quite obviously moved by their display of affection.

Stefano Federici,


acmboy said...

quelli della curva sono degli ignoranti

Cielo said...

i agree :)